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VoIP Software Solutions: Where to Start ?
VoIP software solutions

VoIP Software for Your Business

Company phone systems are offered in a broad range of configurations, the latest of which offer more business-friendly features than ever before. The latest technologies allow businesses to operate phone systems through the exclusive use of VoIP software (Internet protocol-based networks). This in turn allows them to connect their employees, devices & information resources in an effective, logical and convenient fashion.

Questions to Ask

There are number of elements to consider when it comes to determining which modern VoIP software system will provide the best fit for your company phone system. One should begin by asking the fundamental question: What are the current communication needs of my company?

Does your staff require easy access to conferencing tools and company resources? Could your employees benefit from having one phone number configured onto multiple devices? By identifying your workers’ needs, you’ll be in a better position to choose the right business phone system for YOUR company. Among the features and capabilities you should consider looking into for VoIP software: Conferencing, Paging; intercom, auto-attendant, presence monitoring, CRM integration, soft phones and unified messaging. You may also want to ask about newer features which may become increasingly prevalent in the years to come, like WebRTC.

If you’d like to consult with a solution specialist to discuss your current phone system, the features and capabilities being offered in today’s market, and Dialexia’s own on-site, hosted, VoIP softswitch and VoIP billing solutions for SMEs and corporations, feel free to contact us or reach us by phone at +1 (514) 693-8500.