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Voxbone is a cloud communications (IaaS) company based in Brussels, with offfices in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Voxbone enables telephony applications such as conferencing and contact centers to receive phone calls, text messages and faxes in 52 countries.The company’s services are accessed through a Web portal or REST API. Voxbone services are delivered over a private IP network that interconnects with local phone networks in the countries where it operates.

Products from Voxbone have been tested by Dialexia to operate with its VoIP IP PBX and softswitch platforms and applications. Tests made include inbound and outbound calls, call transfers, IVR interaction, and CODEC negotiation. In order to ensure interoperability, Dialexia certifies and supports only specific combinations of third party hardware and firmware.

For more information about Voxbone products and solutions, visit the company’s official website.