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Broadvox is a VoIP service provider for business telecommunications. It offers voice and data network solutions for telecommunications, cable, and wireless carriers, as well as ISPs, ITSPs, Over-the-top (OTT) service providers, MVNOs, and various other business partners. Broadvox was founded in 2001 as a wholesale VoIP carrier and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with additional offices in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. In 2003, Broadvox began offering SIP origination and termination, which increased the companies quality of the voice transmission and expanded service offerings. In 2007, Broadvox added retail SIP Trunking to its product offerings for SMB, enterprise and carrier customers.

VoIP solutions from Broadvox have been tested by Dialexia to operate with its VoIP IP PBX and softswitch platforms and applications. Tests made include inbound and outbound calls, call transfers, IVR interaction, and CODEC negotiation. In order to ensure interoperability, Dialexia certifies and supports only specific combinations of third party hardware and firmware.