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IP-PBX Features and Why SMBs Love Them


Last week on the Dialexia blog, we posted an infographic based on a recent survey by Software Advice, which aimed to identify the most sought after IP-PBX features and components among SMB buyers in 2015. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most sought after IP-PBX features in the SMB segment, and explain how these are used to improve customer service, productivity, manageability and reliability in a small office setting. IP-PBX Features for SMBs: The “Essentials” The IP-PBX has a set of standard features that enable enterprise employees, from the PC-based worker and the road-warrior to the SOHO-enabled contractor to maximize productivity. Several of these […]

Enhancing Branch Communications with a UC Solution


Branch Offices and Remote Workers Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMEs) in the United States are increasingly likely to manage at least one remote business location as part of their operations. According to Reed Electronics Group, over 60% of the workforce in the United States operates from a remote location or branch office. Adding to that, recent employment trends indicate that a rising number of employees in the corporate sector work remotely from their home offices. Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast notes that 34 million Americans currently work from home. This number is expected to reach 63 million – or 43 percent of the U.S. workforce – by 2016. Consequences of […]

Raising Office Productivity With UC Solutions


UC solutions (unified communications) have been around for a while now, but a majority of small- and mid-sized businesses have yet to dive in. What are they missing out on ? UC Solutions: Agile systems for a fast-moving world The evolving role of email, smartphones and tablets has dramatically changed the business communication landscape in recent years. Indeed, the latest trends in the world of office communications (BYOD & cloud-based PBX platforms, to name a few) indicate that businesses today crave simple, crafty and hassle-free solutions that will help them get the most out of new technologies while maximizing ROI. How companies are improving collaboration Collaborative capabilities are determined by […]