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Why hotels need to move to cloud-based PBX


The hospitality industry is demanding: it is one of those sectors in which the competition is tough. The mission of hotels is to take care of their guests and provide them with an irreproachable experience and service. And this is often done to the detriment of their profitability and business efficiency. For good reasons, it is rare that hoteliers stand out by a computer system at the cutting edge of the technology. Yet, those who adopt these new tools are, in a way, pioneers of the hospitality industry. They pave the way in an innovative manner to their colleagues, in order to increase customer satisfaction and optimize their revenues. Cloud-hosted PBX […]

The Future of Hotel PBX Systems


The Hotel PBX System – An Essential Hospitality Component Although personal wireless devices have emerged as the preferred means of communications for hotel guests in today’s age, one of the major recurring costs associated with operating and managing a hospitality property continues to stem from the hotel PBX system. While house phones are becoming increasingly viewed as unnecessary by consumers, hotel room phones – used to deliver a number of important services to guests – are just as essential today as they were a few decades ago. In addition to providing a means of communicating with hotel staff, hotel room phones offer a common list of services that many guests […]