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SME Outsourcing: Can Cloud Solutions Help?


Leveraging Cloud Solutions and Services Too often overlooked, technology decisions in the early stages of a business’ life cycle can have notable implications down the road. These decisions can determine the degree to which businesses will manage their resources (like customer data, websites and phone systems) in-house for years to come. For many small businesses and companies in the start-up phase, having a team of IT professionals on hand isn’t ideal due to its cost implications. This opens the door to incorporating cloud-based, managed services. In this article, we examine three areas where adopting hosted solutions can be beneficial for small businesses and start-ups, not only in terms of cost […]

Cloud PBX Reshaping Hospitality Communications


Will Cloud PBX Solutions Transform Hotel Communications ? As technology giants like Cisco, Oracle & the like are quick to point out, internet-based (cloud) computing is already playing a critical role in the lives of businesses & individuals on a day-to-day basis. And while many individuals may still be weighing the benefits of being ‘online all the time’, tech buyers have made up their minds and entire industries have begun migrating towards cloud-based solution en masse. This is the case for the hospitality sector, where hotels are now connecting their devices (room phones, keycards,  guest computers), software (property management systems, pbx solutions) & valuable databases to the cloud in the […]

Hotels Switching to Hosted PBX Solutions


Hosted PBX Solutions in a Hospitality Setting? The recent emergence of hosted PBX solutions is changing the way businesses understand & manage their company phone systems. For some industries, the cost savings and robust features inherent to cloud-based communications represent are a major technological game-changer. Take the hospitality industry, for example, where operators absolutely require a large number of lines – despite the fact that guest room phones seldom see much use. Inexpensive, scalable, reliable and easy to integrate, the cloud PBX of today is well-suited to the needs of hotels. Below, we take a closer look at the developments driving hosted PBX adoption for this specific industry. The End of […]

Dialexia at M.A.S.S. to Discuss Cloud PBX Solution


A Cloud PBX Solution for K12 Schools Contrary to a cloud PBX solution, a traditional on-premises phone system does not allow network managers to tie together multiple building locations, and it takes weeks, not minutes, to scale when it’s time add a new location or office. In addition to the standard requirements of most office communications systems, schools typically require an intercom & paging system to distribute messages and deliver important announcements across the campus, adding a layer of complexity to the equation. These are just a few of the reasons why voice over IP (IP-PBX) phone systems have become an increasingly common sight on school campuses in recent years. […]