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IP telephony and security: basic rules

Over the years, many companies have adopted IP telephony solutions for their communication needs. Hosted PBX, softswitch, PBX software and other IP solutions designed by Dialexia are fully customizable to the telephone needs of any structure. Thus, the HERO hosted PBX solution or the Dialexia softswitch Dial Gate created by Dialexia, are reliable and powerful systems. If you want to reduce your operating costs, they also provide a panel of high added-value functionalities to its users.

However, hackers have noticed that IP telephony is on a wave of success and surf on this innovation to the detriment of its users. As a result, our team at Dialexia is particularly focused on addressing data security vulnerabilities in the network to deliver secure products to its customers.

Fully built on the Internet network of the company, Voice over IP is easy to integrate and easy to manage. But connecting to the Internet protocol is not devoid of risks and computer threats. Of course, regulations are in place to protect confidentiality and to force businesses to be vigilant. However, network managers and IP solution developers must be proactive in preventing hacking and other attacks from the web and interconnected networks.

Indeed, there are several risks that can intercept the most sensitive corporate data and information that circulates. Recorded conversations, password recovery, pirated voice messaging, digital identity theft and illegal handling of the management console are part of the list of hacker hacker actions.

VoIP and security basics

So here are some basic safety tips to guard against these unpleasant risks :

  • Separate data traffic and voice traffic by deploying two vLANs
  • Use an IP session security protocol (SIPs / TLS) to prevent espionage and falsification for the signal part of the communication
  • Use an SRTP channel security protocol for the audio part of the communication
  • Avoid using the defautl port 5060 (SIP server)
  • Keep VoIP systems up to date and systematically apply security patches
  • Limit phone calls per lines
  • Delete the VoIP accounts of the employees that no longer work for the company
  • Secure VoIP gateways effectively
  • Protect the remote administration console with a strong password
  • Put restrictions on the types of calls allowed on the network and determine periods of use for VoIP
  • Place the VoIP server behind a SIP firewall and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Dialexia offers secure IP telephony products and pushes the boundaries of its solutions’ performance with a dedicated R&D. For more information about the security of our IP telephony solutions, contact us.