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IP PBX Training

Overview of Dial-Office IP PBX Training Program

IP PBX Training IconDialexia offers a range of IT certification, training, and testing programs to meet the needs of IT professionals, partners, employees, and students alike. Our 3-day IP PBX training program includes introductory courses for our primary on-premise IP-PBX software, Dial-Office.

The IP-PBX training program cover the basics of SIP telephony and explains all of our IP-PBX platform’s calling and management features in depth. Training also includes hands-on exercises with Dialexia CTO Mohamed El-Mohri, designed to ensure that course attendees get practical exposure to our solution. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to SIP and VoIP Telephony.
  • Traffic sniffing and VoIP troubleshooting.
  • Network security and NAT implementation.
  • Introduction to the IP-PBX interface.
  • Demonstration of IP-PBX calling features.
  • IP-PBX installation overview.
  • Hands-on exercises with Q+A periods.

Training courses are required for reseller support of Dial-Office. The 3-day IP PBX training program is offered from Dialexia’s corporate headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.