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IP-PBX FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

IP-PBX FAQ iconThe IP-PBX FAQ page addresses the most common questions surrounding our on-premise IP-PBX solution for small- and medium-sized businesses, Dial-Office.

Will your IP-PBX system allow me to make business calls outside of the office?
What type of hardware is required to operate an IP-PBX in a small office?
Why should a small business consider a switch to IP-PBX in the first place?
Why not simply get a VoIP plan with a large national carrier?
What is the upfront cost to purchase your platform?
Is your IP-PBX software available in a trial version?

Has our IP-PBX FAQ raised additional questions? Contact us to discuss in greater detail, or consult the right sidebar for more information about Dial-Office’s calling and management features.