Dial Gate Softswitch PBX

VoIP softswitch & billing server
Place Ville-Marie, Montréal


Dial Gate is a web-based softswitch and billing server for the VoIP and PSTN networks. Once installed on a server, it functions as a VoIP soft switch by connecting calls from one phone line to another within the same or different networks. At the same time, it offers advanced real-time monitoring, pre- & post-paid billing, automatic invoice scheduling & call-plan subscriptions. 

Interoperable with the industry's leading gateways, phones & equipment, Dial Gate easily integrates with legacy TDM & IP networks. Its comprehensive design and innovative technology allow it to support NAT/Firewall, failover & high-availability environments. 

Dial Gate Softswitch has a high scalability factor & offers an expanding line of options that place service providers in a favorable position to generate a quick return on investment, notably due to its low start-up costs.


Advanced VoIP components

Broadband customers  Monthly subscribers can be set up with residential or commercial DID phone lines with numerous calling features such as caller ID, call waiting & voicemail. Customers who want to make call-through or call-back type calls are provided with PIN-activated calling cards.

Virtual lines  Virtual lines can be offered to companies so that they connect their PBX systems to the PSTN and save on costly analog lines.

Conference server  With this component, multiple users can be involved in a conference call.  Invited attendees can join in through access numbers provided to them by email.

Agents and Resellers  Agents and resellers can have their own customers and offer them Dial-Gate services, without the expense of owning any equipment - any profits made are shared with the Dial-Gate owner.

SIP trunking  With Dial-Gate’s advanced billing and least-cost routing system, service providers can partner with carriers, who in-turn can terminate and/or originate calls to and/or from other carriers.

Key Features

Built-in software features

Web-based administration Intuitive and easy to use, Dial-Gate’s web interface is divided into several menus that help set up the system. Dial plans, gateways, customer accounts, call logs, and customer invoices are all accessible from Dial-Gate’s web interface, giving the administrator seamless control of Dial-Gate’s services.

IVR server  The Dial-Gate interactive voice response server offers an innovative media server with many practical features such as voice mail playback, authentication and authorization of call-through and callback type calls, and multi-language support.

Virtual circuits  To limit the number of telephone lines a single customer occupies at any one point in time, the administrator can assign a fixed number of virtual circuits to each account in Dial-Gate. That way, the system’s bandwidth consumption is controlled.

Integrated billing 
Dial-Gate comes with its own proprietary billing server that tracks all calls processed by the system. With a CDR generated for each call, Dial-Gate can automatically generate monthly invoices. Moreover the system administrator can set up customer billing plans that group a bunch of services together for one flat monthly rate.

Device provisioning
  Dial-Gate can directly provision many types of IP phones and telephone adapters. Upon rebooting, they get provisioned with their settings, including their assigned telephone numbers.

SOAP API  Any third-party web application can interface with Dial-Gate’s web services through its SOAP API. In other words, web applications, such as those in the CMS, CRM, and e-commerce fields, can interface with Dial-Gate using its SOAP API.

Failover & High Availability support To guarantee fault tolerance and disaster recovery, Dial-Gate has been designed to run in a failover setup as well as with high availability-compliant devices.

Emergency 911 & E911 support  Emergency calls for IP tone subscribers can be routed to emergency providers using a sophisticated algorithm that ensures that all emergency calls are properly processed.

Cost & statistics reports
Cost reports can be easily produced to keep track of profits made, and statistics reports can be generated to summarize average calll success.