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Why hotels need to move to cloud-based PBX
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The hospitality industry is demanding: it is one of those sectors in which the competition is tough. The mission of hotels is to take care of their guests and provide them with an irreproachable experience and service. And this is often done to the detriment of their profitability and business efficiency.

For good reasons, it is rare that hoteliers stand out by a computer system at the cutting edge of the technology. Yet, those who adopt these new tools are, in a way, pioneers of the hospitality industry. They pave the way in an innovative manner to their colleagues, in order to increase customer satisfaction and optimize their revenues.

Cloud-hosted PBX hotel solutions

Cloud computing is reliable and revolutionary for hoteliers and their guests. Indeed, it makes it easy to install a set of different software solutions with a simple access to the Internet. The adoption of the cloud benefits hotels by drastically simplifying their entire phone network by installing a hosted PBX. It also allows them to reduce their phone bills while having access to a wide range of features.

Benefits of the cloud-based PBX for hotels

When an application or software is hosted on the cloud, two programs can communicate with each other and exchange as much data as you want. This is the case, for example, in the solution designed by Dialexia for the Eliot hotel. In fact, Dialexia was able to connect its Hospitality hosted PBX to the Infor PMS to unify the call accounting system.

In addition, the cloud simplifies the expansion and the maintenance of your IT system and, by extension, of your phone system. If your software is on the cloud, you will not have to worry about its compatibility with your computer hardware, including your computers or operating systems. Since all updates are done directly in web applications, even employees will be able to download them. It is easier, faster and cheaper.

There are many operations and daily transactions in hotels that accumulate in the system, making it heavier or even slower. Cloud-based technology takes up less space on computers. Thus, it facilitates the flow of transactions internally between the different departments of the hotel, but also with customers.

Are you looking for a hosted IP telephony solution specifically designed for hotels or other hotel environments? The Dialexia team will be happy to make a demo for you. The HERO Hospitality PBX is innovative software including a state-of-the-art call management and accounting system. It helps hotel operators achieve their various goals in terms of customer service, productivity and costs reduction.