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Hospitality PBX Solution

Cloud-Based Hospitality PBX Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Based on Dialexia’s award-winning cloud PBX platform, HERO Hospitality is a hospitality PBX solution built specifically for hotels, resorts & other hospitality environments including military and government housing. It offers industry-leading phone system management & billing capabilities, in addition to providing hotel operators with useful customer care & productivity tools to help them reduce costs and better serve their guests and residents.

With its easy-to-use front desk management interface, cost-saving features and superior scalability, the HERO Hospitality PBX solution allows hotel and housing operators to raise productivity across the board. What’s more, being entirely software-based means HERO can be purchased outright for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional PBX upgrades. By contributing in the routine administration of hotel affairs, HERO Hospitality can  help operators boost productivity levels, limit the impact of human errors & serve guests more efficiently in their establishments.

hospitality PBX solution
Hosted Services Being cloud-based, the HERO Hospitality PBX solution eliminates the maintenance, support, & capital costs required to operate on-site equipment. In addition, it offers advanced VoIP calling features provides and software-based tools to facilitate hotel PBX management.

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Seamless Integration HERO hospitality PBX is a flexible solution that can be rapidly integrated & deployed into any hospitality environment. Our platform is compatible with all the leading hotel PMS systems and a wide range of analog and IP-based phones from leading manufacturers.

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Billing Platform The HERO Hospitality PBX solution comes with a built-in billing platform that enables hospitality operators and service providers to easily manage hotel guest accounts and payments. The billing component includes automated invoicing and multiple payment options including pre- & post-paid.

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Guest Phone Enhancements The HERO Hospitality PBX solution allows hotel operators to preserve existing investments by keeping their legacy room phones. HERO’s software-based phone services can be added to legacy phones to provide the latest features guests crave.