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Quintum & Dialexia Serve US Troops

December 16th 2003

Quintum® Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of voice-over-IP solutions, announced today that Canadian reseller Dialexia Communications, with its reseller in the Middle East, has successfully deployed Quintum’s award-winning Tenor® switches to provide pre- and post-paid long distance services to post-war Iraq. By overcoming the limitations of Iraq’s existing telecom infrastructure, these services are enabling US troops and Iraqi citizens to call friends and family all over the world.

Both services utilize Tenor switches in conjunction with portable VSAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite communications equipment connected to vendor Dialexia’s global VoIP network. The pre-paid service is managed using Dialexia’s Dial-Gate® pre-paid calling card software. The post-paid service is managed using Dialexia’s Dial-Café® call shop software. Two post-paid systems have been implemented in US military installations, and three more post pre-paid systems have been installed in Baghdad for use by the Iraqi public.

The rapidly provisioned systems fulfill a critical requirement in a country where conventional telecom infrastructure has been severely damaged. Long distance telephone service is particularly important to US troops stationed overseas and especially during this holiday season, when communications with friends and family can do so much for morale. The systems have delivered 425,000 minutes of long distance service over the past 3 months. They have operated at 95% availability have been operating very reliably since they were installed 3 months ago and provided the call quality is comparable to that of conventional international long distance services.

Quintum’s Tenor switches allow voice communications to be carried over IP data networks with maximum efficiency, call quality and operational reliability. Because Tenor switches support industry standards such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and H.323, they interoperate seamlessly with third-party communications hardware and software.

“It is extremely rewarding to have our technology used so effectively to support our troops overseas,” said Chuck Rutledge, Quintum’s VP of marketing. “Dialexia and its reseller hasve done a tremendous job of provisioning and maintaining these systems under extremely challenging conditions.”

Dialexia’s Dial-Gate® is built on its SIP-based call control server (Dial-Manager®) and its IVR server (Dial-Media®). It enables Internet Telephony Service Providers to offer debit card calling services using VOIP gateways and the company’s Dial-Watch® billing application.

“Our success in Iraq clearly demonstrates the combined power of Dialexia’s software and Quintum’s hardware,” said Gabor Barta, Vice President of Marketing of Dialexia. “The speed with which we were able to provision this system and the stability it has demonstrated since then are proof-positive of this technology’s maturity, adaptability and value.”