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Dialexia launches IP-PBX appliance

Montreal, Canada – January 21, 2015

Dialexia communications, a leading North American provider of PBX software & VoIP business solutions, has begun accepting orders for its latest communications solution Office AX, developed in collaboration with Canadian gateway provider Media5 Corporation

Office AX is an all-in-one IP-PBX appliance for small & mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that supports up to 400 SIP phones and as many as 96 concurrent calls. Coming pre-installed with the award-winning Dial-Office IP-PBX software, the Office AX VoIP appliance simplifies the transition from traditional PBX to IP-based communications for businesses, as well as for the resellers & solution providers serving them. ”We’ve combined two great products to take the leg work out of setting up and configuring an IP-PBX system on premise,” explains Dialexia marketing manager Olivier Benny. ”Office AX can be installed at the office and ready to use in just under an hour”. 

Designed to ensure minimal disruption and superior convenience, Office AX allows VoIP resellers, integrators, IT staff & office managers to save the time and money that would otherwise go towards tasks like OS & software installation, configuration and gateway troubleshooting. Featuring built-in configuration for Media5’s complete line of VoIP gateways, Office AX is capable of deploying an all-IP business telephone system at a moment’s notice. 

Powered by Media5‘s Mediatrix 3000 series VoIP gateway, the Office AX appliance is an enterprise-class IP phone solution that preserves capital investment by seamlessly integrating existing company hardware. It is the ideal PBX system for businesses looking for a straightforward approach to extend the use of existing equipment and gradually transition to IP-based telephony. ”We are please to collaborate with Dialexia and look forward to working with them on future project.” said Andres Torres, Product Manager at Media5. 

In addition to facilitating SIP trunk deployment, the Office AX appliance can provide breakout access to traditional PSTN lines, ensuring business continuity in case of an internet outage. For more information on the Office AX appliance, contact a Dialexia representative at marketing@dialexia.com or call +1 514 693 8500