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Dialexia & Excendia Launch iTalk Hands-Free Telephony

Montreal, August 15th, 2011

Dialexia Communications announces the release of a new VoIP telephony service that integrates the Excendia Virtual Assistant technology. The service is called iTalk Hands-Free because it enables companies to offer an intelligent and safe telephone service for their customers and employees in the office as well as on the road. The iTalk bilingual speech attendant works on HERO, the award winning carrier class Hosted PBX platform. It enables callers to reach the person or service they want simply by saying their name without having to remember extensions or taking the risks of dialing them while driving. The iTalk Speech Outlook enables customers to check e-mails and call people while driving in compliance with safety laws.  The new iTalk Hands-Free service is marketed under the iMozaik brand (www.imozaik.com).

“Our mission is to introduce innovative voice services that enable companies and business people to improve their competitiveness while reducing their operating costs. We integrated the Excendia virtual assistant technology with our iTalk service to offer more office productivity and more security for people driving. iTalk Hands-Free is a business phone service affordable and easy to use. It enables business people to check their email and calendars, or call contacts at the wheel of their cars legally.” said Ahmed Aina, President and CEO of Dialexia.” With iTalk Hands-Free, the phone becomes a virtual office with a personal assistant working around the clock.”

“Excendia products have been designed to complement and add value to telephone systems based on IP technology. On one hand, Excendia uses the business data to deliver personalized and intelligent call forwarding, and on the other, it uses speech recognition over the phone to make business data accessible for mobile people hands-free “said Bachir Halimi, President of Excendia Inc.”We are pleased to be able to provide safer mobility and increased productivity to businesses and individuals”.

SMEs reap substantial benefits

The iTalk Hands-Free service incorporating Excendia is ideal for travel agencies, real estate brokers, and other professional offices. It allows them to improve their customer service and project the image of a large company while reducing their telephone costs. For a limited time, the iTalk Hands-Free service will be offered to small businesses starting at $29.95 per month.

About Dialexia

Dialexia Communications Inc. is an Internet telephony software developer and services supplier based in Montreal. The company provides products, services and professional services on IP telephony. Dialexia products which include IP-PBX, Hosted PBX, Softswitch and other IP telephony systems are sold worldwide to companies looking for innovative solutions to improve communications and reduce operating costs. For more information, visit www.dialexia.com.

About Excendia

Excendia Inc. develops and markets speech-enabled virtual assistant software to provide safe mobility and intelligent telephony services to individuals and enterprises. Excendia develops custom speech-based solutions for call centers, real estate and public services. The company sells its products through service providers and resellers around the world. For more information, visit www.excendia.com.