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Dialexia announces version 3.9 of Softswitch Solution

Dialexia Softswitch Solution Latest Version Now Available

Montreal, Canada – March 3, 2008

Dial-Gate softswitch solution

Dialexia Communications a leading provider of next-generation VoIP software and applications, has announced the availability of its latest software release version of the award-winning Dial Gate softswitch solution.

Dial-Gate is a web-based SIP softswitch solution and billing server for both the VoIP and PSTN networks. Its programmable routing intelligence and support of network-calling plans can be assigned to endpoints in order to filter calls. Dial-Gate translates standard telephone numbers into their corresponding IP addresses and looks for available gateways or domains to place calls through the PSTN. It functions as a softswitch by giving an integrated control point for various telephony services. Among its many features are; a pre/post paid billing system, real time monitoring, and CDR management. With the added option of IP-Tone (for broadband residential services), Dial-Gate can manage incoming and outgoing calls from both the IP and PSTN networks. IP-Tone features voicemail (unified or non-unified), caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, follow me, assignment of virtual/real DID numbers, as well as, account & voice mailbox management via the Web. The hosted call shop option furnishes service providers with additional methods of generating recurring revenue.

Dial-Gate 3.9 Softswitch Solution – New Features

  1. The new Emergency Service Provider, 911 Enable (NewsAlert), has been integrated into Dial-Gate.
  2. Dial-Gate offers administrators the ability to point multiple DIDs to different IVRs.
  3. Dial-Gate’s main IVR system now supports multiple languages.
  4. The ANI Call-back feature has been enhanced.
  5. The Billing module has been enhanced. Two new plan items have been introduced: DID ownership and Number of Virtual Circuits.
  6. The Numbers Pool in the Dial-Gate administrator interface can now be easily configured to forward incoming DIDs to another domain.
  7. A Service Plans component has been added to the Billing section: Service items. This allows the administrator and agent to assign individual service items to subscribers, complimentary to any billing plan.
  8. The logs are expanded to “System Logs”, “Account Logs” and the “System Notification History” to help ease the day-to-day management of the Dial-Gate system.
  9. E164 list: Administrators can now import and export entries into and from the E164 list.
  10. Invoices: It is now possible to export the list of invoices.
  11. Dial-Gate can now communicate with the Joomla add-on, Portal-Gate, through SOAP XML  Application Programming Interface (API). This allows a website running on Joomla to communicate with Dial-Gate and provide an online portal for VoIP service providers. For more information on Joomla, please visit www.joomla.org.
  12. The ANI prefix feature makes it possible to associate specific rates and routes based on the prefix of callers’ numbers.
  13. Many more devices can now by automatically provisioned by Dial-Gate, such as the Grandstream GXP2000, Grandstream HT486, Grandstream HT496, Aastra (NewsAlert) 53i, Aastra 55i, and Aastra 57i.
  14. Dial-Relay will now handle calls that carry both audio and video messages.
  15. The web interface of a call shop account has been enhanced.

“Our goal in announcing the launch of this release is to provide our customers with the capacity to deliver an additional array of services to their subscribers. “Enhancements to our telephony platforms are most often a result of our client’s feedback and their specific requirements in their marketplace.” said Mohamed El-Mohri (NewsAlert), CTO at Dialexia Communications. “These improvements have been developed with the emphasis on enabling service providers to easily make available more powerful and more appealing service packages to their customers and to provide a means for increased revenues.”