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Cloud PBX Reshaping Hospitality Communications
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Will Cloud PBX Solutions Transform Hotel Communications ?

As technology giants like Cisco, Oracle & the like are quick to point out, internet-based (cloud) computing is already playing a critical role in the lives of businesses & individuals on a day-to-day basis. And while many individuals may still be weighing the benefits of being ‘online all the time’, tech buyers have made up their minds and entire industries have begun migrating towards cloud-based solution en masse. This is the case for the hospitality sector, where hotels are now connecting their devices (room phones, keycards,  guest computers), software (property management systems, pbx solutions) & valuable databases to the cloud in the hopes of enhancing guest experiences and getting a leg up on the competition.

The Classic Hospitality Approach

One of the key concepts driving hotel-sector business decisions is the guest cycle, which can be described as the transactional process that begins prior to a sale & continues beyond ‘check-out’. The nature of the guest cycle is such that many hospitality sector technologies began taking a ‘cloud-like’ approach well before internet use became ubiquitous. Inter-connectivity is already a defining feature of PMS (property management systems), where front- & back-end applications are tied together to provide guest data and monitoring.

Bringing Cloud PBX Into The Mix

In today’s market, hotels are able to leverage technology at each and every point of contact with their customers:  Lobbies (desktops), guest rooms (phones, televisions), mobile apps, cleaning services, etc. With a well-implemented cloud PBX solution, these areas are connected to bolster productivity & cost-efficiency, improve management capabilities, strengthen branding efforts and enrich the guest experience. Sharing data across all points of contact will contribute to customer loyalty initiatives and workforce synergy,  in addition to providing critical business intelligence & insight to decision makers.

Integrating cloud PBX services into existing structures becomes a less complicated feat with each passing month, as new and exciting cloud-based products & solutions are introduced into the market. Granted, successful implementation requires proper research, testing and vigilance as always. Hospitality buyers should be particularly mindful of network security, interoperability & connectivity, 3 of the more common areas of concern when it comes to cloud PBX technology adoption.