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Voice over IP or how to facilitate remote work for your employees

Did you know that 37% of American workers worked remotely in 2015, four times greater than in 1995.  According to BMO Groupe Financier, in Canada, 31% of employees working for companies with less than 50 workers do remote work. New technologies have made remote work possible. Among them, convergent IP telephony solutions enable workers and their companies to remain reachable at any moment, without compromising the quality of their collaboration. As a consequence employees benefit from better quality of life, and contribute to solutions to ecological and road traffic challenges.

The Internet protocol at the service of remote work

The internet, a cornerstone of both remote work and voice over IP, is at the center of the tertiary sector and continues to grow with it. With a simple Internet connection, your clients can stay in touch with their nomad coworkers through the company’s phone network.

A hosted PBX solution like HERO, designed by Dialexia, simplifies the management of internal communications. At the same time, it reduces the work load associated with the assistance activities of the IT department. Indeed, HERO is a stable and evolutionary solution. This hosted PBX provides a variety of easy-to-install functionalities and saves your technicians’ time. On one hand, users notice a better productivity due to better internal calls management. On the other hand, companies notice better profitability while reducing their gateway costs. They also benefit from an efficient VoIP solution that will meet their needs throughout the growth process.

How VoIP simplifies remote work

A platform like HERO is supporting remote work: remote workers can connect to the phone system of the company during a business trip or even from home, while enjoying the same high-range services as their colleagues at the office. For instance, employees using HERO can access their voicemails from their phones or from their email addresses, wherever they are. Besides, a team does not need to be at the same place to work on projects: by connecting to the Internet, your clients can access the phone network and work together – remotely.

Finally, there are many software facilitating remote work and collaboration. Indeed, interfaces designed by Dialexia like HERO or Dial-Office, can help to have a link with the company. Employees are connected to their organization with their phone extension and they are more focused on their work.

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