Our seamlessly integrated IP-PBX product line includes VoIP softswitch, CPE and hosted PBX solutions designed to generate revenues, raise productivity & reduce telecom costs.
Dialexia cloud-hosted PBX solutions come with a built-in billing platform that enables operators & service providers to seamlessly manage customer plans, accounts and payments.
Hosted Solutions
Our hosted PBX platforms are designed to eliminate capital expenses, reduce recurring telephony expenses and enhance management capabilities.
PBX Software
Dialexia's award-winning IP-PBX software line enables small and mid-sized businesses to fully leverage the benefits of using VoIP technology.
Professional Services
We provide our customers with a range of professional services to help preserve existing investments and facilitate the migration towards voice over IP.
IP-PBX Appliances
Dialexia develops all-in-one enterprise IP-PBX Appliances that offer plug-and-play convenience for SMEs looking to quickly and affordably adopt a VoIP-based system.


  • Dial-Office IP-PBX offered the most comprehensive solution for our school district. In just a few weeks, and one of the lowest costs per extension in the district, we were able to get a complete infrastructure set up.

  • Dialexia IP-PBX solutions offer SMEs the reliability, scalability & flexibility needed to excel in today's business environment.

    VoIPreview Editorial Team

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